High School Trips



Full Hybrid Trip: July 12th-July 27th

Front Country Trip Only: July 12th-July 18th

Backcountry Trip Only: July 18th-July 27th



Hybrid Trip

For our high school students, we offer a hybrid trip. Students start in the front country, as described below, and then venture into the backcountry. We do allow students to opt in for one or the other, but we highly recommend the full two-week adventure.

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Front Country Trip


Our High School Front Country trips are designed to help adolescents develop leadership skills, intercultural awareness and lifelong friendships. Much like our Middle School trips, this trip is designed in the spirit of a family road trip. Our ultimate goal is to foster the Wild Kids core traits and values, while building a strong, intergenerational community that is authentically compelled to care for our planet and one other.

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Backcountry Trip

This year, we will head into the Mission Mountain Wilderness. We will have two separate crews, advanced and beginner, that cross paths part way along the journey. The Mission Mountain wilderness limits groups to 15 people total, which will include our guides. All backpackers will start in Missoula together, prepping food and equipment upon arrival. Then, the two groups will drive to the trailhead and set off on two different routes, which will meet in the middle. Everyone will meet up again in Missoula at the end of their trips for a day of relaxing and cleaning up before heading back to Hawaii.

All campers will need to complete a minimum of two training hikes with the group prior to heading to Montana. All campers must also pass a Pack Test in May, which requires everyone to carry a 45-50 pound pack and finish a 3 mile hike in under 45 minutes. For this test we use Lanikai Loop.

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home: that wilderness is a necessity.

-John Muir