Packing List & FAQs

Packing List

What Wild Kids Need for Weekday Hikes

  • Day pack (small backpack)

  • Rain jacket

  • Shoes that you don't mind getting muddy

  • Clothes that can get dirty (we encourage long pants to protect from the ever vigilant mosquitoes!)

  • Plastic bag (grocery)

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat

  • Insect repellant

  • Snacks

  • Wild journal (for 3rd grade and above)

  • Writing implement

  • A positive attitude and open mindset!

  • Optional: Camera, Binoculars, Compass, First Aid Kit (Our Wild Guides carry First Aid Kits, but some kids like to carry their own. If your child brings a First Aid Kit, it should only include basic wound care: bandaids and antibiotic cream.)

  • Wild Art Participants: Wild Art Journal for sketches and scrapbooking

  • Wild Art Participants: Wild Art Box: Include an assortment of the following: pencils, erasers, colored pencils, markers, roll of scotch tape, small bundle of string, a glue stick, small scissors, water color (optional), 2-3 paint brushes that can get dirty

What Wild Kids Need for Weekend Hikes

  • Everything that you bring on weekday hikes

  • A snack

  • Two full water bottles

What Wild Parents Always Need During Wild Kids Sessions

  • Plastic bag for muddy shoes

  • Old sheet or towels for muddy kids

What Wild Kids NEVER Need

  • iPod

  • Electronic games

  • Slippers

  • Nice clothes that you really care about keeping clean

  • Brand new shoes

  • An enormous backpack

  • Moans, groans or phones (seriously, no cell phones*)

    *If your child has a cell phone, they may keep it in their school backpack and get it after the hike. Our Wild Guides carry phones for communication with parents. 

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After school for two hours, we explore the land adjacent to Le Jardin Academy’s campus and enjoy mud slides, scavenger hunts, hiking, tree climbing, making up games, building shelters, creating nature-based art, camouflage activities, scouting for trails, tracking birds, and searching for the magical forest elves known as "Little Greenies." In addition to our after school adventures, we invite families and friends to join us on three different weekend excursions, including various hikes on the island, snorkeling with marine biologists, and community service projects that are centered around environmental stewardship. To culminate each session, we host a family camp-out at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe for grades 3rd-8th. 

If you have a wild imagination, a wild spirit, and care about wild places, then Wild Kids is for you!


Any child on O'ahu is eligible to join! 

Each session is designed for multi-age groups. However, we also hold sessions for specific grade levels. Keep an eye out for session flyers and registration!


Our meeting locations are listed on our session calendars and vary depending on the age group. However, we always stop at Le Jardin Academy High School building at 3:30pm before venturing into the forest. If your child is coming from a school other than LJA, this is where we would meet them.

Our weekend meeting locations are listed on our session calendars and vary for each session.


The start times below are based on end of school times for each age group at Le Jardin. However, all students head into the forest at 3:30pm. If you’re coming from a different school, you can plan to meet the group at 3:30pm at the LJA High School building.

K-2nd grade students: we start at 2:35 and finish at 5:00pm.
3rd-5th grade students: we start at 2:50pm and finish at 5:15pm.
Middle School students: we start at 3:30pm and finish at 5:30pm.