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Middle School Boys Trip Dates: 7/5- 7/19 Middle School Girls Trip Dates: 7/5-7/19

High School Trip Dates: 7/24-8/5

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You don't have to be totally woodsy to be in Wild Kids. We are just curious about your experience in the great outdoors.
Which type of camper best describes you? (you can check more than one box if needed) *
Are you an Alex Black: - Ready to set up a campsite with your eyes closed - Can hike for miles and probably run, too - Best storyteller or reason for a story - Need to improve on flexibility with a change in plans Are you a Ruby: - Calm when necessary but ready for adventure - New, kind of random, popped up out of nowhere - Ready for whatever happens, but may have questionable sources for camping knowledge Are you a Cielle WTB: - Become feral within 1-2 days away from home - Quick to act in any situation/emergency - Can road trip for days - Working on sass level Are you a Joseph Cassidy: - Extremely skilled at making others feel safe - Can set up camp before you make it to the campsite - Prefer being in the backcountry to stuck in a car - Trying to work on stopping to smell the roses Are you an Arianna Lunow-Luke: - Want to be a part of the wolf pack - Will rally during any situation - Always quick to volunteer even if there's poop involved - Need to work on setting limits Are you a Michael Gabrelcik: - Will turn any car-ride into a party - Ready for backpacking but prefer the front country - Know how to play, no matter the weather - Working on taking more initiative Are you a Scout: - Don’t know a lot about camping, but you know you have the wilderness in your blood - Ready to learn everything - Can stare anyone down with the power of wolf eyes - Working on not being such a picky eater Are you a Carol Marx: - Prepared with every supply needed, including the kitchen sink - Part ninja, part MacGyver - Cannot handle the bugs Are you a Sasha Kent: - Can prepare a feast by the fire - Own the cutest camping outfit - Will not complain during the hike, but will be back in the hotel once the night ends
Maddy is always good at making the best of a situation, Joey can fix anything:cars, zippers, broken hearts, J can catch a fish no matter where he goes. This is your chance to brag--tell us what you're great at!
Obviously we all wish we could fly, so by all means include the magical superpower you wish you had. But, also put in a more practical one. For example, do you wish you were more easy going or do you wish you could be better organized? Explain.
For example, maybe you've been working on becoming more easy going by letting your friends make decisions for our weekend plans. Or, maybe you have been working on becoming more organized by having a planner of your activities and cleaning your room weekly.
For instance, Kennedy-Anne is wild potato because she's full of potential.
For example, do you need more water in your life? Or, are you water and you need a little more fire?