Hawaii Junior Counselor Program

Our high school and 8th grade students lead our after school program. Junior Counselors are held to a high standard laid out by the Executive Council, which is comprised of seniors. After each day, Junior Counselors stay for a debrief of the adventure and discussion of strengths and growth areas that they notice within themselves and others. They also provide program suggestions and lesson ideas. At the end of each full session, Junior Counselors undergo an evaluation process with the lead adult Wild Guides based on the following categories: Awareness & Initiative, Mindful Engagement, Principled Choices, Conservation Ethic, Imaginative Play, Flexible Thinking, Insatiable Curiosity, Compassionate Communication & Choices, Confidence in Self and in Others, and Active Appreciation.

Junior Counselors are trained "on the job" and through leadership retreats to monitor safety, engage younger students in imaginative play and story telling, model insatiable curiosity and adaptive behavior, and guide exploration and problem solving through active questioning. Our Buddy Counselors are 8th graders who serve as interns under our high school Junior Counselors and act as "buddies" to the younger Wild Kids.

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