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Wild Kids provides community members an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with their inner-wild-child in the wild jungles of Hawai'i and the wide open spaces of Montana. We hope to impart a lifelong conservation ethic and a profound appreciation for the preservation of wilderness areas on this planet because open space, dark nights, and quiet moments are necessary to our survival as human beings.

We believe that everyone deserves unstructured adventures in order to develop honest self-confidence and a genuine faith in others. Through open exploration, authentic challenges, imaginative play and shared leadership, Wild Kids seeks to develop and nurture 10 core traits.

At Wild Kids, we truly believe "it takes a village," but we worry that there aren't many villages left. So, we have set out to build a village of individuals bound in our commitment to caring for one another and for the planet. 
Our motto is Henry David Thoreau's assertion that "All good things are wild and free." Free thinkers. Free spirits. Free to roam and explore, skip and jump and climb trees. Free to sing at the top of our lungs and howl at the moon. Free to create new systems and models that honor our present experience. And, wild enough to believe we can do it.

Registration for After School Sessions

Registration for After School Sessions

Things to Know

Things to Know

Short film made by Wild Kid, Andrew Levora.

Stanford Researchers Find Mental Health Prescription: Nature


1. Mindful Engagement

2. Situational Awareness & Initiative

3. Insatiable Curiosity

4. Imaginative Play

5. Healthy Self-Efficacy & Self-Sufficiency

6. Creative Problem Solving & a Solution-Oriented Mindset

7. Flexible Thinking

8. Courageous Choices

9. Consistent & Authentic Gratitude

10. Compassionate Relationships with Self, Others & Nature


1. Everyone deserves an opportunity to cultivate a meaningful and personal relationship with the natural world.

2. Unstructured time outside is beneficial and necessary to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

3. When we nurture our own “wildness” through open play outside, we develop a healthy self-esteem and strong sense of self-efficacy.

4. intergenerational communities are essential for innovation, growth and happiness.

5. Our community stewardship ethic is cultivated when we are held accountable to one another and when we understand that both human and non-human entities are part of our community.