Registration for After School Sessions

Registration for After School Sessions

Things to Know

Things to Know

Wild Kids 👣 (@wildkidshawaii) on Instagram: "life is great when you have a forest as a playground!!! #luckyweliveHI #standforwhatyoustandon..."

Stanford Researchers Find Mental Health Prescription: Nature

Wild Kids 10 CORE TRAITS

1. Mindful Engagement

2. Situational Awareness & Initiative

3. Insatiable Curiosity

4. Imaginative Play

5. Healthy Self-Efficacy & Self-Sufficiency

6. Creative Problem Solving & a Solution-Oriented Mindset

7. Flexible Thinking

8. Courageous Choices

9. Consistent & Authentic Gratitude

10. Compassionate Relationships with Self, Others & Nature


1. Everyone deserves an opportunity to cultivate a meaningful and personal relationship with the natural world.

2. Unstructured time outside is beneficial and necessary to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

3. When we nurture our own “wildness” through open play outside, we develop a healthy self-esteem and strong sense of self-efficacy.

4. intergenerational communities are essential for innovation, growth and happiness.

5. Our community stewardship ethic is cultivated when we are held accountable to one another and when we understand that both human and non-human entities are part of our community.