Running Wild Wyoming Packing List


  • Label all of your items!
  • We will be able to do laundry.
  • Please pack your gear in a small to medium size duffle bag.
  • We will allow cell phones only during specific "call-home" hours during the day.
  • Please bring any school work you may need to complete (computers are fine, but you'll have to visit the public library for internet).
  • August weather in Buffalo can range from ‘60s to ‘80s, ‘50s in the mountains.


☐ 2-3 pairs running shorts

☐ 3-4 running tops, quick-dry

☐ Leggings that go to ankles for boys and girls for running if chilly

☐ Long sleeve base layer for running if chilly

☐ Long hiking pants

☐ Light-weight, long-sleeve top (button down)

☐ Fleece jacket/pullover (or hoodie)

☐ 2 “walking around town” outfits

☐ 5 pairs running socks

☐ Swimsuit

☐ Hat with wide brim or baseball hat

☐ Winter beanie

☐ 2 pairs running shoes (regular or trail)

☐ Slippers or sandals for around town


☐ Small day-pack (for lunches, snacks, water bottles)

☐ Flip Belt

☐ 2 qt-size water bottles (1 can be Camelback)

☐ Headlamp

☐ Sleeping bag

☐ Sleeping pad 

☐ Pillow

☐ Dirty clothes bag

☐ Reflective vest or belt


☐ Towel

☐ Personal toiletry items (travel size)

☐ Sunscreen

☐ Sunglasses

☐ Chapstick

☐ Any medicine

☐ Book

☐ Journal

☐ Camera (optional)

☐ Spending money for town

Running Wild will provide Tents, Shampoo/Conditioner, Soap, First aid kit