GETTING TO wyoming

Who Books Our Tickets?
We prefer that all Wild Kids families check with Linda Brownell when booking flights. Linda handles all of our travel arrangements and works hard to ensure that students arrive at or near the same time. Even if you plan to book on your own, using miles or your own travel agent, please give Linda a call.


Departure and Arrival Dates and Location

Option 1:

  • Arrive Billings, MT on the night of August 1st. This allows for a full day on August 2nd, as Buffalo, WY is a 2-3 hour drive from the Billings airport.
  • Depart Billings, MT on the morning of August 12th.

Option 2:

  • Arrive in Missoula, MT on the evening of August 1st. The Montana group will leave Missoula on August 2nd at 8am, arriving in Buffalo, WY around 4pm.
  • Depart Billings, MT on the morning of August 12th.


Which Flight Should We Take?
Each year, we work with Linda to determine the flight that is the most cost-effective for families. After Linda has determined the group flight, we ask that students flying in from other areas arrive within 1-2 hours of the group arrival time. 

Can we drop-off or pick-up our child in Wyoming?
Absolutely! We highly recommend tacking this trip onto a family adventure. Please email Ruth Bessinger if you plan to either drop your child off in Buffalo or pick him/her up at the camp. We will work with you to make this possible!