All Wild Kids Lodge Updates written by the man himself, Kevin O'Brien.

June 20th, 2015

Building the Wild Kids Lodge Update #4: This last week we were joined by Aaron Tod, Serena Nozawa Nate McGee, and Haley Coffman, rounding out the Wild Kids crew to 10! I've never seen a harder working crew of unpaid builders. Thanks guys, each of you deserve a medal (or maybe a 20oz RedBull). We took the afternoon off yesterday and drove to Helena for a concert cuz we've been putting in 12's and 14's and everybody needed a break. The concert was a bizarre musical experience that had us all laughing and scratching or heads for hours.. I guess I would call it improvisational psychedelic space horror soundtrack music... The lemonade was good though. Maybe it was kool-aid...? Anyway this week has been logs logs and more logs. Using the new chainsaw mill, we ripped almost 350 linear feet of logs, giving the post and rafter logs two flat sides at 120 degrees to match the interior corners of the building and 155 degrees to match the angle of joining roof panels... 3 chains, 2 bars, and a gallon of bar oil later, the logs were milled and ready for joinery... After much chiseling, sanding and sawing, a hexagonal kingpost was mortised and each rafter cut to match... This stuff is fun but oh so time consuming.. The last couple of days we've had fun with the big machine lifting the kingpost into place in the center of the building and swinging each log rafter into place for scribing.. Joseph Cassidy has been doing a great job with the scribers making each joint look seamless... The rest of the crew started sheathing today and we're really starting to see some progress. Serena and Jared began cutting all the compound angles in our 2x10s for our jack rafters today, so we know we're moving along.. The kids have been hanging out with the horses a bit in the evenings and took part in the opening ceremony for Roberta's medicine wheel equine therapy labyrinth here on the ranch last weekend.. I added a bunch more photos to the album so check em out!

June 12th, 2015

Wild Kids Lodge-Raising: Update #3.  Walls are up!  Logs are peeled!  Electrical is in!   Our crew saw the addition of Cielle Watjen Brown, Joseph Cassidy, Marika Marx , andOwen Pyle in the last couple of days. Oh yeah, and Christina Cross Guns is now here but nobody is very excited about that;) heh heh.  Everyone has had a hand in framing the last couple of walls (Except for C, who is busy getting this place geared up for the summer trips).  Marika and Joseph framed wall #5 on Wednesday, and Joey Braun and Cielle framed up the last wall yesterday.  Raising up that last wall felt good and we had the whole team out there to lift it into place.  We finished framing just in time because my buddy Sam Allred came over from Polson today with all the electrical wiring supplies and showed us all what was involved with wiring up a house..  We had it done in less than 4 hours and now we have working interior and exterior outlets, and interior and exterior lighting circuits all set up and ready to complete when we get the roof on this thing.. Sam is a wizard and did a great job getting everyone involved so they could learn.   Thanks Sam! When not framing and wiring,  everyone has been log-peeling machines! I'm talking about you Jared Perez.  We now have seven 40ft lodgepole pine logs beautifully and expertly peeled..   Only a small amount of blood was spilledin the process Isaac Miller.. Today I rented a telehandler which will allow us to lift all the logs in place for scribing and fitting...  James Morioka and Joao Garriques- you guys should recognize this machine...haha.  The chainsaw mill that I ordered finally came in the mail today so we can move right along on schedule tomorrowwith milling all the log corner posts and rafters.. Whew!  Moving right along.. With Roberta Cross Guns, Danny Braun

June 10th, 2015

 Building the Wild Kids Lodge: Update #2. Our crew has grown to five and we're picking up momentum.. Joey Braun, Isaac Miller, and Jared Perez joined in the fun two days ago and have put in some solid time in the 95 degree heat with the chop-saw and the nail guns making this thing happen. Today we continued framing, and by sundown had 4 of the six walls up and braced. Thanks to Stu and Jeremy for lending a hand here and there as well. All I can say is that framing out a hexagon poses some unusual "challenges".. Nothing this crack team can't handle, however. When everybody lost their minds today from the constant barrage of mosquitos, we piled in the truck and headed to the river. Pesticide and fertilizer-laden Missouri River water never felt so good.. We keep a fire going constantly at the construction site and continuously throw in handfuls of grass and sage to make smoke. It seems to be the only thing that keeps the little buggers away well enough to get any work done. On another note, the boys have been good about giving 'Mama Berta' a hard time (as they should), so I know everything is going to be just fine around here!


June 7th, 2015

Building the Wild Kids lodge: Update #1. Square one! Started off with our cement pad, which Stu was nice enough to pour for us back in May, so it would be ready for us to start building when we arrived. So far the building crew consists of me and Danny Braun, with more peeps showing up soon.. Got the mud sills laid down and wall number 1 cut.. Had to haul all the tools and lumber down to the build site by hand, as the ground is still too wet to drive down there without getting stuck (we did it once successfully, but we're gonna wait for it to dry out a bit before a second attempt). That, and the mosquitos are so thick you can't see through the windshield anyway.. Danny and I picked out all our logs yesterday from a log yard in Cascade, and Stewart from Cascade Log Homes was nice enough to deliver them for free all the way out to the ranch for us on his big flatbed. We're gonna have a log peeling party tomorrow! More updates coming soon as we get some walls up..  


More photos from the Ranch Crew!

“Farm tough”
— Jared Perez