Packing List:

o Sleeping Bag

o Rain Jacket

o Sweatshirt/long sleeve t-shirt

o Pajamas

o Long pants (can wear shorts, but must also have long pants in case it gets chilly and to keep off mosquitoes)

o One change of clothes (shorts and t-shirt)

o Reusable Water Bottle

o Mess Kit (Please bring a reusable plate, bowl, utensil. A single Tupperware works great because it can be a plate and a bowl. If you are a parent, you may want to bring a coffee mug to drink out of in the morning.)

o Mosquito repellant

o Sunscreen

o Close-toed shoes and slippers (please bring both)

o Headlamp (REQUIRED)

o Toothbrush and toothpaste

o Towel


** As part of our mission to instill a conservation ethic in our students, we do not allow any single-use plastics at our camp-out. This includes plastic bags, non-reusable plastic water bottles, and non-reusable plastic utensils. Please bring reusable utensils and water bottles. Also, please bring food items in a reusable shopping bag. We will supply the garbage bags for the event.