Applications for 2018 Require both a student and parent questionnaire.

Please be sure to complete both. You must Scroll down for the parent portion.

Trip Dates: Middle School & Junior High Boys: June 3oth-July 15th, Middle School & Junior High Girls: July 2nd-July 17th, High School Backpacking: July 19th-July 29th


Wild Kids Montana Student Application

Name *
Please list the age you will be by June, 2018
Check the trip(s) you are applying for *
You are welcome to apply for multiple trips. Please specify all that apply.
If you are applying to multiple trips, please explain your preference or vision for the Summer.
If applying for a leadership position, including Ranch Crew or the Welcome Team, please explain how you believe you will benefit from this position.
This question is for leadership positions only.
Significant outdoor experience is not required. In addition to your outdoor experiences, if you have certain skills related to outdoor adventures, please describe them here.
Everyone shines in certain situations. How will you contribute to the group culture and the overall quality of this experience for everyone?

Wild Kids Montana Parent Application

Name *
If you had to pick one form of communication regarding program updates, changes, reminders, which one works best for you? To clarify, in the event of an emergency, we will always use all three forms of communication.
It is 100% fine to have little to no outdoor experience. This just helps us better understand your child's foundational knowledge of the outdoors and, therefore, provide a more meaningful experience.