Ka Po'aiapuni Wai

Connecting Land, Water, and Everything In Between.

We chose Ka Po'aiapuni Wai, the Hawaiian translation of "the water cycle", as the theme for the 2018 Global Issues Network conference because water connects and sustains all living things. From the mountains to the oceans, it flows through all aspects of the Earth, creating a complex web of life across the globe. In fact, as humans, there has been one factor that determines where we have historically settled and built thriving civilizations: water. We need it for our survival, yet it seems we have forgotten its importance. Water sources are threatened and neglected by those driven by money and power. The aim of our conference is to learn about water as a necessity and take action to build solutions to both local and global issues. Just as water connects all life in its ever flowing cycles, Ka Po'Aiapuni Wai, we want to connect generations of people from all walks of life, building a network of active changemakers to work towards a healthy, just, and sustainable future.

Read more about the water cycle on the Ho'okua'aina Blog (work at this lo'i is a service option for Saturday!): The Water Cycle at Kapalai