Question 1

What are the sleeping accommodations?

Since our conference can have a maximum of 200 students, we have prepared 20 ten-man tents for a large campout during the conference. The tents will be divided between males and females. If you would rather sleep inside of a classroom, or go home to sleep, both options work perfectly and we can accommodate your choice either way.

Question 2

What is the workshop format?

Students and teachers/advisors will collaborate on topic to be presented as well as chose the overall format of the workshop. Saturday, there will be a designated block for student led workshops. Conference members chose the workshops they would like to attend. Workshop leaders present on topic/issue, guide group discussions, as well as lead brainstorming session to come up with possible solutions as a group. See workshop application for more guidance.

Question 4

How is safety going to be ensured at this conference?

Le Jardin Academy's campus is equipped with 24/7 surveillance and a security team that will be on campus throughout the conference. All people at the conference must be checked in and registered to participate, otherwise they will be escorted off campus.

What are these service trips?

At our conference, there will be multiple service projects. There will be groups going to a Lo'i, the He'eia fishpond, the Waikalua fishpond, the Na Pohaku site of Ka Wai Nui Marsh, a native garden and the Kahana Iki site of the marsh.  For each activity, we will be able to help restore different parts of O’ahu while learning about the area.These projects will be muddy and hands-on, be prepared to be active and wear clothes and shoes that are able to get dirty. Please bring a change of clothes so you can be comfortable during the activities. 

Question 5

What is a supervisor? do i need a supervisor to attend?

A supervisor is an adult from your school or club that will attend the conference with you in order to serve as our point of contact for the students from your school or club. You do not need a supervisor to attend, but if you do not have a supervisor registered with you then we will assign you to a group with an existing supervisor.

Question 5

What does the $35 registration fee cover?

The $35 registration fee is solely to cover food costs. This includes dinner and desert on Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and a breakfast provided on Sunday. Everything else is being paid for through grants or donations.

Question 6

What if i have dietary restrictions?

In the case that you have a medical dietary restrictions, please include that information in the registration form. We will have vegetarian options for every meal and will try our best to accommodate any specific diets to the best of our ability.

Question 7

WHat should i do if i cannot stay for the entire conference?

Not a problem! Although, we will be having a flat rate fee for the entire conference regardless of how long you intend to stay. This is because we are going to be using all of the admission fee proceeds to purchase and prepare food for the conference, and the amount of food made will match the amount of people registered.

Question 8

What should I pack?

Check out "Packing List" page for more information!

Question 9