Breakout Sessions

*If you would like to lead one of theses sessions or propose a new session idea, please include that information on the Registration Page


Ocean Health

Work with marine biologists to learn about threats to ocean systems.

Water security & Resource Management

Learn about the importance of water in indigenous cultures & how water sources have been exploited, polluted, and neglected.

plastic waste

Work with experts to build your own plastic free initiative.

poverty in hawai'i

Analyze causes of poverty and discuss solutions to address the issue on a local scale.

restoring native species

Become familiar with both native and invasive species in Hawaii & ways to increase biodiversity.

Sustainable urbanization

Study pre-existing sustainable school and home models & design plans to implement in your own community.

food waste & sustainable diets

Learn about food waste management systems, how diet impacts the environment, and design a food management system for your community. 

climate change

Analyze the issue and its negative effects and brainstorm local solutions.

Innovation in education

Investigate global education systems & ways to make learning more available and inspiring to students.

global health care

Learn about global health care access, epidemics, treatments, and methods for improvement.