The Global Issues Network

What is the global issues network?

GIN started as a small grass roots organization and then gradually grew into a series of international conferences for students of all backgrounds to learn about and collaborate on real global issues. Today, GIN includes students from more than 500 schools across the world, along with an active system of alumni. Each year, students host GIN conferences in their local school communities, bringing together local GIN branches, visiting GIN students, community leaders, experts of all ages, NGOs, and representatives from educational organizations. GIN conferences nurture cooperation and collaboration. Adults are asked to "lead from behind" and empower students to gain authentic leadership experience.

The GIN Mission:

to empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally in order to create project based sustainable solutions for our shared global issues.

The future belongs to the youth. Why not empower them to help us find solutions to these global issues?